Tutorial Videos


Use our tutorial videos to become a magicplan expert.

How to create a floor plan

How to capture a room with an AR compatible device.*

How to capture a room with Sensor Capture Mode

How to capture a room using the ceiling (Sensor Capture Mode)

Assemble rooms to a complete floor plan

* To capture a room in AR mode your device has to be compatible with ARKit (iOS) or ARCore (Android). If your device is not compatible, “Sensor Capture Mode” will be the default capture setting in the app.

How to edit a floor plan


Wall Length

Room Drawing

Edit Room

Merge Rooms

Split Rooms

Mirror Rooms

Fill Room

Customize Attribute

Create Account

How to add objects, furniture and notes

Add Objects

Customize Objects

Duplicate Objects

Add Photo Note

How to estimate materials & costs

Material & Cost Estimation

How to export plans, quotes and order materials

Material Order

Get Quotes