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Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is magicplan?

magicplan’s precision should be at least 6 inches. For installation-level accuracy, the app offers Bluetooth integration with selected laser measurement tools.


Sensor Capture Precision depends on how well you follow the following instructions.


  • Calibrate magicplan by entering the “Settings” menu (gear) found on the magicplan Home Screen and tapping “calibrate”. Calibration allows magicplan to understand how you hold your device.
  • When capturing a room, remain at the same place and just turn yourself around. Do not walk in the room.
  • Do not change the way you hold your device.
  • Aim at each corner of the room with a reasonable precision.
Is my data secure?

Your privacy is important to us. For more information, please refer to our privacy policy

Does magicplan work on every device?

magicplan works on tablets and smartphones. magicplan require iOS 9.0 or above or Android devices running ARCore as well as devices with a gyroscope.

How do I reset my password?

If you have lost your password, you can recover it:


  • At the bottom of the screen to sign in, touch the button “I forgot my password” to receive your password by email.
  • On the web page to connect the magicplan Cloud, a button allows you to receive your password by email.


To change your password, first login and then go into the “Account” section. You will find a “Change Password” button.

Why have I not received the account confirmation mail?

Once you create an account in magicplan, an email is sent to you. Click on the confirmation button in order to complete the creation process. You may not have received the confirmation email for several reasons:


  • The email has been blocked by your anti-spam: check your junk email folder of your mailer or on your mail web server;
  • You made a mistake when typing in your email address;
  • The confirmation email has been block by your mail provider: you need to contact them in order to authorize emails.

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