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Requirements and General Issues

What operation system does magicplan require?

magicplan is available for iOS 9 and above and for Android devices with a gyroscope or running ARCore. If you use iOS bellow iOS 11 or Android with gyroscope you can capture your rooms with Sensor Capture Mode. Within the app you will find video tutorials which will show you how to proceed.


If you use iOS 11 and one of the following devices magicplan will be supported by Apple´s ARKit. You can walk freely while capturing a room. No further introduction is necessary.


These devices support Apple´s ARKit: iPhone SE, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPad Pro, iPad (201)


Android compatible devices with ARCore: Google’s Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, Samsung’s Galaxy S8, S8+, Note8, S7 and S7 edge; LGE’s V30 and V30+ (Android O only), ASUS’s Zenfone AR, OnePlus’s OnePlus 5.

Can I still access my floor plans if I get a new smartphone or tablet?

You may view any plan you have created on any device by backing it up to the magicplan Cloud.

To back up to the cloud, go to the Home Screen of magicplan and tap on a plan. Then, select the “Upload” option, and your plan will be stored on our Cloud.

To view this plan on another device, go to the Home Screen of magicplan, and tap the blue “Cloud” icon in the upper-right of the screen. You will now see all of the plans you have backed up/stored in the Cloud. Select the plan you would like to view/edit, and tap “Download”. You are now free to view and edit this plan on your device.

To save changes you have made on your new device, back up your plan from this device as you did previously

What is the magicplan Cloud?

You need an account to get access to the Cloud. The magicplan Cloud gives you access to all your floor plans from every device or computer you sign in. On the Cloud you can back up your plans, manage your workgroups, upload your price lists and view your plans with all details in 3D.

How to transfer a plan between devices

You may access any plan you have created on any device by exporting it to our Cloud.

To export to the Cloud, go to the Home Screen of magicplan and tap on a plan. Then select the “Upload” option, and your plan will be stored on our Cloud.

To view this plan on another device, go to the Home Screen of magicplan, and tap the blue “Cloud” icon in the upper-right of the screen. You will now see all of the plans you have backed up/stored in the Cloud. Select the plan you would like to view/edit, and tap “Download”. You can now view and edit this plan on your device.

Do I need to be connected?

magicplan does not use a network to create a floor plan, capture a room, modify a room or assemble rooms. You can use magicplan without being connected.

magicplan uses the mobile network when:

  • you export, back up or download a plan to/from the cloud
  • create or log in to your account
  • to geolocalize your property when you create a new plan

The pictures are the heaviest elements of your plan. The more pictures you have, the more data you will transfer. We recommend exporting your floor plans when you are connected to a wifi network.

How to create an account

You need a magicplan account in order to e.g. export your plans, create estimations, access the cloud, or to share your plan. You can create your magicplan account for free. Just tab on the account button and sign up with your email address.

Why do I need an account?

The sharing and export features of magicplan as well as backups happen on our Cloud, not on the device itself.

When you export your floor plans to our Cloud, we need to make sure that you are the only one being able to access your data. This is the reason why you need an account.

How to change or recover the password

If you have lost your password, you can recover it:

  • At the bottom of the Sign In screen, tap on the option “I forgot my password” to receive your password by email.
  • On the web page to connect the magicplan Cloud, a button allows you to receive your password by email.To change your password, first login and then go into the “Account” section. You will find a “Change Password” button.
How to change the language

Just change the language in your device Settings, section General / International / Language (for iOS) or Language & Input/Language (for Android).

magicplan is available in French, English, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, German, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Norwegian and Dutch.

Why can‘t magicplan access the network?

Here are a few things to try:

First, check the time and date settings and make sure they are accurate. Especially make sure that you are in the right timezone. Do not export your plan while on 3G, use wifi instead.


Reboot your device and try exporting again.


Make sure that there is enough space on your device. Free some space if your device is almost full and try exporting again.


If your plan contains many large pictures, try sending it with fewer or no pictures. You can remove pictures from the copy or save your pictures to the photo album before removing them.

Why is my address incorrect?

To locate your property, magicplan uses the GPS geolocalization available within your device. This geolocalization may not be precise enough to locate properly your property. You may have to manually enter your address.

Why did I not receive the account confirmation mail?

Once you create an account in magicplan, an email is sent to you. Tap on the confirmation button in order to complete the registration process.


You may not have received the confirmation email for several reasons:

  • The email has been blocked by your anti-spam: Check your junk email folder of your mailer or on your mail web server;
  • You made a mistake when typing in your email address;
  • The confirmation email has been block by your mail provider: you need to contact them in order to authorize emails from
What is the roadmap / hybrid / satellite?

You can choose the format of the map displaying your property. magicplan relies on Maps by Apple and Google Maps. Road map / Hybrid / Satellite options are offered by our map providers.

How do I access magicplan CSI?

magicplan CSI has been merged with the standard version of magicplan. To access magicplan CSI with its specific objects and features, follow the 4 steps below:

1. Open magicplan
2. Tap the profile icon at the top of the screen
3. Tap on Preferences- Tap on “Adapt the App for”
4. Enable the option ‘Crime/Fire’.

Please note:

In order to use the CSI version of magicplan you should have a business subscription, you can check our pricing options here:

Floor Plan Creation

How to create a floor plan with AR

First, choose an unobstructed, well-lit corner, then aim at the floor and pin the first corner. Next, work through the other corners, aiming right through any furniture or plants. Add doors simply by tapping “Begin Door” and “End Door” or add doors and windows once you have the dimensions of each room. Repeat this quick process room by room, working your way clockwise through your home or office. You can drag and drop your rooms together when you´re done to assemble the full floor plan.

How to create a floor plan with Sensor Capture Mode

If you capture a room with Sensor Capture Mode you can capture doors within the floor plan creation process. Tap on the blue button “Begin Door”, when you want to start capturing a door and end this capture with a tab on “End Door”

How to capture rooms with aiming at the ceiling while using Sensor Capture Mode

If corners are invisible or blocked by obstacles you can aim at the ceiling to capture your rooms while using Sensor Capture Mode. Activate “Use Ceiling” in “Settings” and follow the app´s instructions to calibrate your device for aiming at the ceiling. For a higher precision of the capturing we recommend to aim at corners when possible.

How to achieve the best precision possible with Sensor Capture Mode

magicplan precision should be at least 6 inches. Precision depends on how well you follow instructions.


In order to get accurate and prevent incorrect measures:

  • Calibrate magicplan by entering the “Settings” menu (gear) found on the magicplan Home Screen and tapping “calibrate”. Calibration allows magicplan to understand how you hold your device.
  • When capturing a room with Dark Room Capture Mode, remain at the same place and just turn yourself around. Do not walk in the room
  • Do not change the way you hold your device
  • Aim at each corner of the room with a reasonable precision


At last, if you want exact measurements, you can also enter manually the values by zooming and tapping on the dimensions.

If you need exact measurements, you can also use a bluetooth distance meter laser compatible with magicplan.


How to capture invisible corners

If you creating floor plans with AR just aim through the obstacles. A green grid helps you to aim.


For Sensor Capture Mode:

If you are not able to see a floor corner due to an obstacle, you may aim at the corresponding ceiling corner. If neither the floor nor the ceiling corners are visible, you can approximate its position as if it were visible and tap the “Corner” button .

A green grid can help you better aim at the corner.

Making sure the grid is aligned with the floor borders is not necessary to capture a corner. It is just meant to help you find the point to capture.


The gyroscope is sometimes unstable, forbidding perfect alignment. Once again the corner to capture is the only thing that matters.

As invisible corners are more difficult to capture, we recommend to position yourself in the room so that you can see the maximum number of corners.

How to use the laser feature

magicplan gives you an accuracy of 95%. If you need the full 100%, connect to a laser and get the fastest and most accurate mobile drawing tool for floor plans.


How to connect a laser:

You can connect a laser via bluetooth. Select a floor plan. Then you tap on the Room L/W button. Finally, you tap on the Laser button and the Laser will be connected.


magicplan is compatible with the following bluetooth low energy laser distance meters:


GLM 50 C, GLM 50 CX, GLM 100 C PLR 30 C (Apple only), PLR 40 C (Apple only), PLR 50 C (Apple only)



Leica Disto

D110, D510, D810, S910 (Apple only), D1 (Apple only), D2 (Apple only) E7100i, E7500i


LD250 BT, LD520


TLM99s, TLM99si, TLM660


WDM 8-14

What does the camera symbol mean?

The “Camera” icon points out the first corner of the room that you captured.

What level of detail do I need to capture?

When you start using magicplan do not try to capture every little detail of your room. Keep it simple at the beginning.

Once you are more experienced, you will be able to capture details as small as a couple of inches.

Do I need to stand in middle of the room?

For ARCapture: No, while creating a floor plan you can move around freely within the room. Just make sure you aim at the corners precisely.


For Sensor Capture Mode: No. You need to stand where you see the maximum number of corners. Invisible corners are more difficult to capture. Also note that you should not be too close to a room or a door corner.

Do I need to capture all rooms?

You do not need to capture all the rooms.

You can draw a room. This approach is particularly recommended for large rooms (> 1,500 ft2)

You can also add filler rooms, i.e. rooms that automatically fill the space left in-between rooms. We recommend this approach for rooms such as corridors, toilets or cupboards.

Can I capture a room in several parts?

Yes. Some rooms can be difficult to capture (lots of non visible corners, etc.) You can split this room in several portions and capture each portion independently as if you had several rooms. Then you can merge those different portions into one single room.

Can I capture curved walls?

A curved wall has no corners. We recommend to approximate the curved wall by a succession of straight lines. You can capture the wall as if it had corners or add corners in the Room Editor.

What can I do when I did not properly capture a corner?

If you did not properly capture a corner, just tap the “Undo” button. The cone that marks the corner is removed and you can capture the corner again.

What is the “select door type” setting?

You may want to specify the door type when you capture it. This setting allows you to customize your door capture button to specify the door type.

How to view your room in 3D

To view your floor plan in 3D you just have to tap on your floor plan and afterwards on the 3D button on the bottom of the screen.

How to edit a wall

You tap twice on your floor plan. Then you select a wall. Tap on the “Elevate” button and start editing your wall.

Floor Plan Adjustment

How can I modify a room?

Tap twice on a room to edit it. You cannot modify a room in the Floor Editor where you assemble rooms. Once in the Room Editor you can add, move and remove corners and walls.

How to add a partition wall

You have 2 options to add a wall:

  • Open your room and then select the “Structure” section in the “Object” menu. You will find a wall structure you can add into your room.
  • You can also add a wall recess and then reduce its width. To add a wall recess, select your wall, add 2 corners and move the wall portion between the 2 corners with your finger.


Select the wall of the room you want to adjust. You can manually change the wall‘s dimension. The dimensions of the whole room will adjust automatically to your changes.

How to draw a room

You don‘t necessarily have to capture your rooms to create a floor plan. You also can draw your rooms. Tap on the “New Room” button and choose ”Square Room” or “Free Form” to draw your room.

How to merge rooms

If you want to create complex room structures you can merge rooms. Select a room and tab on the “Merge” button. Drag the green arrows to the rooms you want to merge. The rooms you select will be displayed as one room afterwards.

How to split rooms

If you want to split a room, double tap on the room to open the Room Editor, then select one of the room’s walls and move the white dot where you want your room to be split. Then tap on Add Wall-Split Room and the room will be divided in two.

How to mirror rooms

You can mirror any room you want to. Select the room you want to mirror and tab on duplicate. Afterwards you can choose the way how you want the mirrored room to be displayed: identical, horizontally or vertically.

How to fill rooms

If you have created a more complicated floor plan with many rooms sometimes a space between rooms remains. In order to fill the open space you have to tab on the “Add Room” button and select “Fill Rooms” afterwards. Choose between Filler Room” and “Filler Wall”. Select the space that should be filled. No more space remains.

How to customize attributes

You can add custom attributes to each object. Select on the object whose attributes you want to customize and tap on the button “Create custom attribute. You can customize e. g. name, information or materials of the object.

How can I prevent changes being made to measurements while editing?

In the Room Editor, tap the “Freeze Walls” button to edit your room without accidentally changing any wall measurements.

How to change dimension unit?

You can choose between feet or meters. In the Home Screen (first screen when you launch magicplan), tap the “Settings” button and select the measuring unit you prefer.

Are my rooms modified when assembling?

When assembling rooms together, magicplan slightly deforms the rooms in order to stitch their walls with adjacent rooms. This distortion does not affect dimensions that you manually entered. If you made a mistake when manually entering the dimensions, you might end up in a situation where you cannot assemble your rooms as expected.

Why does the arrow color change when I rotate a room?

Colors of the arrow that appears when you select a room should help you properly position your room. magicplan analyzes your floor plan to identify when your room orientation is coherent with the orientation of the other rooms;

  • When the arrow turns green, the orientation of the room matches the orientation of the other rooms. It should be the most common situation;
  • When the arrow is red, the room is oriented differently from the others (it does not mean, of course, that this orientation is not acceptable).
What does the lock symbol mean?

When you manually change a dimension, a lock icon appears. magicplan will not modify this dimension when you change the others. To make a dimension adjustable, touch the dimension and the “unlock” button.

Plan Export

In which formats can I get my plan?

With magicplan you can export your property floor plan in 7 different formats:

  • PDF with the plan of each floor. You can also include each room plan with pictures and comments.
  • JPEG images (one image per floor level).
  • SVG images
  • PNG images
  • A DXF file to import into a CAD software such as AutoCAD or SketchUp.
  • An interactive web site where you navigate through the floor plan.
  • A CSV file you can open as a spreadsheet or as text with all the data and statistics of your plan.

PDF, SVG, PNG and JPEG can be customized with your logo, contact info, watermark, layout, etc.

How to get a PDF, JPG or Web with all dimensions?

You can get all the dimensions on a room plan, not on the plan of a complete floor level. Displaying all dimensions at the floor level would make the floor plan difficult to read. You can however display the main dimensions and the surface of each room.

customization happens in:

  • the Settings section accessible via magicplan Home Screen.
  • when you tap the “Export” button”.

To get all room dimensions make sure the option “One floor plan per page, then two room plans per page” is activated. You can customize many other elements such as layout, contact information, scale, etc.

Export Button Customization

You can have your own “Send to my company” button in the export section. When one of your user has completed a floor plan, he taps this button and his floor plan is sent to your server.


  • You can receive the floor plans in JPEG, PDF, DXF, PNG, SVG and Web formats.
  • The PDF includes your custom surveys and objects and can be customized with your logo, contact info, …
  • You can receive the survey data in a csv format.
  • You can also get access to an xml file.
What is the DFX file?

AutoCAD dxf (Drawing Interchange Format, or Drawing Exchange Format) is a CAD data file format developed by Autodesk for enabling data interoperability between AutoCAD and other programs (

It is certainly the most popular interchange format and is supported by a wide variety of applications including Autodesk tools (Inventor, Revit, 3DSMax, …) but also SketchUp pro, Dassault eDrawing and even OpenOffice Impress.

magicplan generates an AutoCAD 2012 version of the DXF specification.

Currently, each floor of your plan generates a separate DXF file.

The DXF model of each floor is split in 5 layers to facilitate element selection:

  • Wall layer: this layer gathers all the walls and pillars. The walls are polylines of 15cm width when possible to guarantee the best visualization and allow easier selection;
  • Door layer: this layer gathers all the doors. Each door is a separate block of DXF entities;
  • Window layer: this layer gathers all the windows. Each window is a separate block of DXF entities;
  • Furniture layer: this layer gathers all the furniture. Each furniture is a separate block of DXF entities;
  • Text Layer: this layer contains all the text (currently the names of the rooms).

You can visit our Product section on our web site to download an example of DXF file.

Quotes and Material Estimation

Material and Cost Estimation

To estimate materials and costs you tap on the “Estimate” button. Select the floor or room you want to get an estimation for. This gets you to the price list. You can import your own company‘s if you want to.

Tap on the “Module” button and choose the tasks you want to estimate. Each task contains all the materials and smaller tasks you have to imply in an estimation.

Price List Customization

You can include your own customized catalogue in magicplan to create estimates. Items of your catalogue can support different pricing models and can be organized into modules.
Estimation leverages the floor plan data (surface of walls, perimeter, etc.) to produce reliable estimates.

Get Quotes

After you have estimated your materials with magicplan you can get a quote instantly. Tap on the “Export” button and choose “Get Estimate”. You can customize your document´s layout or directly export it as a PDF. You will receive an email with your quote.


Configure the export of your plan and get them in your favorite data format JPEG, PDF, DXF, PNG, or SVG. You also can export in DFX or xml or publish your plans on an interactive website.


Exports can be customized with your logo, contact info, etc.

Material Order

After you have estimated you materials and costs with magicplan you can order them directly via Amazon. Tap on the “Export” button and afterwars on the Amazon button. All estimated materials will be directly added to the Amazon basket.

Adding of Objects, Annotation and Photos

Add Objects

You can add over 1000 objects e.g. furniture or electronics. Select a room, tap on the button “Insert Object” and add your objects.

Customize Objects

magicplan includes objects like furniture, electrical, etc. Each object has attributes (price, photo, size, comments, etc.). You can customize the objects available in magicplan and their attributes to include your object catalogue with their custom attributes.

Duplicate Objects

Tap on the object you want to duplicate. Then tap on the button duplicate on the bottom of the screen.

How to edit a room

Select a room and tap on the “Edit” button. You can rename any room, add notes and photos.

Photo Drag'n'Drop

For contextual information you can add photos to your floor plan. Use  drag and drop feature to add photos. If you use Android or iOS bellow iOS 11 tab on the “Object” button and choose “Annotation”. Afterwards you have to tap on the “Edit” button and take or select photos from an album.


Objects Customization

magicplan includes objects like furniture, electrical, etc. Each object has attributes (price, photo, size, comments, etc.). You can customize the objects available in MagicPlan and their attributes to include your object catalogue with their custom attributes. Example of custom objects and attributes

Survey Customization

You can also customize every “Edit” screen in magicplan. “Edit” screens are available for every:

  • property
  • room
  • object
  • wall

Your users can have their own “survey”. For example, you can include additional information such as phone number, budget, account manager, electrical power of an object, type of floor per room, etc.

Price List Customization

You can include your own customized catalogue in magicplan to create estimates. Items of your catalogue can support different pricing models and can be organized into modules.
Estimation leverages the floor plan data (surface of walls, perimeter, etc.) to produce reliable estimates.

Export Customization

You can have your own “Send to my company” button in the export section (the same way you have a Facebook or Floorplanner button). When one of your user has completed a floor plan, he taps this button and the floor plan is sent to your server. Example of export customisation.

How Customization Happens

We identify that a user is attached to you via the magicplan account. Then we load the appropriate data so that magicplan is customized as described above.

To attach an account to your company, there are several solutions:

  • We offer an account management system where your administrator can invite users to join your workgroup.
  • Your users can register on your web site and create a magicplan account from your web site. The connection between our servers is made via web services.


If one or several users are attached to your magicplan account magicplan will synchronize customizations for all user.


Manage your team and create workgroups. Workgroups serve multi-user customers who need a centralized resource management.

magicplan will synchronize customizations for all members of a workgroup.


Workgroups can be created in the magicplan Cloud.

Web Services

MagicPlan for Business allows you to access web services to integrate MagicPlan into your existing workflow. Via those web services, MagicPlan can communicate with your IT infrastructure.

For example, if you have a CRM with a customer database, MagicPlan can be connected to this CRM to import existing customers data. An administrator can dispatch on site surveys to a team of field technicians. He can send each technician his surveys for the day. Each survey will correspond to a new project in MagicPlan including data coming from your CRM (customer name, address, reference, etc.) Each technician will receive those surveys on their tablet or smartphone and will have his ‘to do’ list for the day. Pre-filled information accelerates his work and once he has completed his visit he can send his survey (including floor plans, technical information, surveys, etc.) back to your CRM.

MagicPlan offers the following web services:

  • Creating a New User
  • Deleting an existing User
  • Changing User’s Password
  • Connecting a MagicPlan user to a user in your database
  • Enumerating the property listings of a user
  • Accepting a payment
  • Sending / receiving projects
  • Updating a plan

Pricing Models

Buy on Demand

Purchase one floor plan at a time to:

Create Plans

Create estimates

Unlimited export for 1 plan

Acess All Objects


While your subscription is active enjoy an unlimited usage of


magicplan Standard




magicplan Business