Project magicplan AI


Capture Windows & Doors – Beta Phase 1

Capture Windows & Doors with magicplan AI

Is the world ready for a combination of AR and AI? We think so!

With Project magicplan AI we combine AR and AI probably for the first time in the history of floor plan creation. What does that mean? Imagine creating a floor plan with magicplan as you used to. Now imagine how much faster it would be if the app could automatically detect and capture objects like windows and doors! Try it now – and be the first to experience the automated capture of windows and doors with magicplan AI.


 Capture Windows & Doors with magicplan AI is not perfect yet. Our system needs training, testing, and even more training to improve and detect and capture any door or window in the world.

Capture Windows & Doors – Beta Phase 1

Capture of Windows & Doors with magicplan AI is in beta phase 1 and takes advantage of GPU accelerated CoreML © frameworks to deliver an interactive AI experience while capturing the room. The detection and capture already works, but needs improvement, input and feedback. Now we need help from you, our users, to test and train the capture of windows and doors. Help us helping you as it is our goal to make magicplan even faster and more reliable.


Goals of beta phase 1

1. Give us feedback

2. Collect more images of windows and doors to train and improve our machine learning algorithms


Please note: While using the beta version, images of windows and doors will be uploaded to our server. All images will be anonymized, i.e. with no reference to a specific user. The image upload can be turned off at any time, but the more pictures you provide, the more precise the doors and windows capture will be for you in the future.

Register for beta phase 1

Next steps

1. Fill out the registration form below

2. Update to magicplan 7.1

3. Click on the link in the confirmation email

4. Activate “Capture Windows & Doors” in the “App Preferences” menu


System requirements

iOS 11 and above (iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone SE, iPad Pro (9.7, 10.5 or 12.9), iPad (2017), iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X


Please note: The new magicplan AI capture option can be deactivated at any time. When deactivated magicplan will work as usual. We do not recommend using the “Capture Windows & Doors” feature on the job yet.

How to use Capture Windows & Doors

Activating Capture Windows & Doors


Capture Windows & Doors can be activated and deactivated in the “App Preferences” menu. If you do not want to transfer images to our serves, just deactivate “Train magicplan AI”.


Please note: The more images we get, the better the detection and capture of doors and windows will work.

Room Capture


Capture the room corners as usual.

Capture Windows & Doors


Once you have created a wall, you can add windows and doors.


1. Point the camera at the wall and the interface changes.

2. Start the automated detection and capture of a window or a door by pressing “Capture” on the right.

3. Once captured select a type of door or window. Aim at the required type and press the “Capture” button again or tap on it directly with your finger.


Doors and windows can be deleted by tapping the trash icon.

Manual frames


If magicplan is having trouble automatically detecting and capturing a window or a door, you can manually draw a frame by hitting the “Draw” button on the left.

Closing the room


Close the room by re-capturing the corner you started with or hit the “Done” button.



Review your room plan. Select a wall and hit the “Elevation” button on the bottom.