Access and Manage Up-to-Date Plans, Estimations, Surveys and your Team from Everywhere

magicplan lets you access and manage plans and surveys from everywhere. On site or in the office. Be always aware of aware and in charge of what´s going on.


The magicplan Cloud is Always Around You

Via the magicplan Cloud you can access your plans, manage your users and customize magicplan from everywhere. The Cloud can be accessed from any device or computer.


Create and Manage Workgroups

magicplan for Business lets you create workgroups. Workgroups serve multi-user customers who need centralized resource management.

If one or several of your team members are attached to your magicplan account, magicplan will synchronize customizations for all user.

Customize the Export of your Team´s Plans

It just takes you one click to export the calculation in a PDF format. Show it to customers or use it for your company´s workflow.

You can have your own “Send to my company” button in the export section. When one of your user has completed a floor plan, he taps this button and his floor plan is sent to your server.

Manage Plans and Surveys

Via a customized export button all plans, surveys and inspections are sent to your company´s server.  Afterward,  you can manage and send the plans to other teammates or customers.

magicplan has been downloaded more than 14 million times.
magicplan was ranked #1 in Utilities in 114 countries.
magicplan was included in AppStore Best of 2017.

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Verfügbar ab iOS 7.0

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