iOS 9.0 and above Android available for devices with a gyroscope
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The floor plan creation app magicplan is a powerful multi-tool for construction and renovation work. Its AR technology and features guarantee optimized workflows and outstanding time savings.

Create Floor Plans.

Estimate Job Costings & Materials.

Conduct Inspections & Create Surveys.

Let your workers capture any space in minutes

With its innovative AR technology, magicplan lets you and your workers create floor plans simply with a smartphone or tablet. Floor plan creation has never been that easy, fast and cost-effective.

Empower your team to estimate

costs & materials on site

magicplan lets you compute job costings as well as all needed materials for construction and renovation project. Via your captured floor plan magicplan estimates automatically on site. Start estimating the most reliable way.

Order construction and renovation material

the fast way

Three steps with magicplan and your workers can order all the required materials on site. Ordering materials has never been that easy.

Create Floor Plans

Use magicplan to create a dimensioned floor plan within minutes.

Estimate Materials and Costs on site

Via the plan´s dimension, magicplan estimates costs and required materials.

Order materials with one click

 It just takes one click to order materials from your preferred suppliers.

Conduct inspections and create precise

and contextual surveys

A floor plan mirrors any construction site the most reliable and precise way. Add contextual pictures or any information you like to get your company the best survey possible.

Manage and Customize your Workflow with magicplan

Instantly access, customize and manage your up-to-date plans, calculations and surveys from everywhere. Wherever you are: Adjust information and all you team members will notice the changes as all the plans and its data are interconnected via the magicplan cloud.

magicplan has been downloaded more than 14 million times.
magicplan was ranked #1 in Utilities in 114 countries.
magicplan was included in AppStore Best of 2017.

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iOS 9.0 and above

Android available for devices with gyroscope