MagicPlan 1.1 Pricing Changes & a Promotion

Montreal, Canada

MagicPlan was released April 9, 2011, 3 weeks later MagicPlan is App of the week in France and Austria and has been featured in most App Stores around the word. It was downloaded almost half a million times and was listed as a top “Utility” application in many countries. This is quite a performance, given that MagicPlan only runs on iPhone 4, the new iPod Touch and the iPad 2.

Our user feedback has been very enthusiastic, and MagicPlan is definitely perceived as a new breed of application. Easy to use, with tremendous potential for both casual usage as well as professional. Many markets expressed interested in MagicPlan: real estate, safety procedure, forensics, insurance, property management and renovation.From the substantial feedback that we received we have adapted our roadmap to respond to the most commonly asked features. Sensopia is pleased to launch today MagicPlan 1.1 featuring various interface improvements, the rotation of a whole floor at once, a validation help screen when capturing a room, and few bug fixes to name a few. In order to respond to the market the best possible way , Sensopia is going to shorten its release cycles, in order to offer new features as they become available.

Last, Sensopia has decided to adapt its pricing model, once again to listen to comments and remarks. Sensopia will now offer monthly subscription packages to professionals who are interested in generating several floor plans and do not want to pay per floor plan.
Also, starting May 3rd, a promotion will allow the export of a floor plan at a very reduced price during the entire week !