Customization happens via the MagicPlan account. We identify via the MagicPlan account that a user is attached to you and we then load the appropriate data so that MagicPlan is customized as described above.

To attach an account to your company, there are several solutions:

  • We offer an account management system where your administrator can invite users to join your workgroup to access your customization (see section Account Management).
  • Your users could register on your web site and create a MagicPlan account from your web site. The connection between our servers is made via web services (see section Web Services).

Customize and integrate MagicPlan in a workflow with:

Objects customization

MagicPlan includes objects like furniture, electrical, etc. Each object has attributes (price, photo, size, comments, etc.). You can customize the objects available in MagicPlan and their attributes to include your object catalogue with their custom attributes. Example of custom objects and attributes

Survey customization

You can also customise every “Edit” screen in MagicPlan. “Edit” screens are available for every:

  • property
  • room
  • object
  • wall

Your users can have their own “survey”. For example, you can include additional information such as phone number, budget, account manager, electrical power of an object, type of floor per room, etc.

Export customization

You can have your own “Send to my company” button in the export section (the same way you have a Facebook or Floorplanner button). When one of your user has completed a floor plan, he taps this button and the floor plan is sent to your server. Example of export customisation.

Easy data transmission

When one of your user taps your “Export to my company” button, we send data to your server:

  • We can send you the survey data mentioned in sections 1 & 2 in a csv file.
  • We can send you the floor plans in JPEG, PDF, DXF, PNG, SVG and Web formats. The PDF includes all your custom surveys and objects and it can be customized with your logo, contact info, etc.
  • You may also want to integrate the floor plan in your workflow or generate your own document. For example, Floorplanner, one of our partner, uses our data to create 3D versions of our floor plans. We can give you access to our low level data structure (xml file). You can then convert our xml into something that is compatible with your own data structure and workflow.

Account Management

MagicPlan for Business is intended to serve multi-user customers who need:

  • A centralized resource management
  • Integration into an existing workflow.

MagicPlan for Business offers:

  • Multi subscription: Manage your subscriptions, expiration dates, devices and invoices
  • Multi user: Invite / remove users
  • Custom objects sharing: Create and share custom objects and surveys with your users
  • Custom “Export” button: Centralize all data exports to a unique email address via your customized export button in the app
  • Unified layout: Enforce a uniform document layout for all your users
  • Reporting: View all plans produced by your users
  • XML format: Access MagicPlan data in a xml format to import data in your workflow or generate custom reports
  • Web services: Access a set of web services to integrate MagicPlan into your existing workflow.

Web Services

MagicPlan for Business allows you to access web services to integrate MagicPlan into your existing workflow. Via those web services, MagicPlan can communicate with your IT infrastructure.

For example, if you have a CRM with a customer database, MagicPlan can be connected to this CRM to import existing customers data. An administrator can dispatch on site surveys to a team of field technicians. He can send each technician his surveys for the day. Each survey will correspond to a new project in MagicPlan including data coming from your CRM (customer name, address, reference, etc.) Each technician will receive those surveys on their tablet or smartphone and will have his ‘to do’ list for the day. Pre-filled information accelerates his work and once he has completed his visit he can send his survey (including floor plans, technical information, surveys, etc.) back to your CRM.

MagicPlan offers the following web services:

  • Creating a New User
  • Deleting an existing User
  • Changing User’s Password
  • Connecting a MagicPlan user to a user in your database
  • Enumerating the property listings of a user
  • Accepting a payment
  • Sending / receiving projects
  • Updating a plan