Integrate magicplan into your workflow

magicplan allows you to access web services to integrate magicplan into an existing workflow. Use our web services to communicate with your IT infrastructure. (Implementation in only 2-5 days)


A magicplan integration includes

– Creating a New User

– Deleting an existing User

– Changing User’s Password

– Connecting a magicplan user to a user in your database

– Enumerating the property listings of a user

– Accepting a payment

– Sending / receiving projects

– Updating a plan

If you have a CRM with a customer database, magicplan can be connected to this CRM to import existing customers data. An administrator can dispatch on site surveys to a team of field technicians.

He can send each technician his surveys for the day. Each survey will correspond to a new project in magicplan including data coming from your CRM (customer name, address, reference, etc.)

Each technician will receive those surveys on their tablet or smartphone and will have his ‘to do’ list for the day. Prefilled information accelerates his work

Once he has completed his visit the field technician can send his survey (including floor plans, technical information, surveys, etc.) back to your CRM

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