The first B2B application for Tango: Magicplan


MagicPlan is the post-PC floor plan creation technology. With more than 13 million downloads and millions of floor plans created MagicPlan is a proven business application. It is at the cornerstone of many businesses including home improvement, real estate, insurance claims, home inspections and energy performance.

MagicPlan is proud to announce that its latest version is fully Tango ready. With Tango enabled devices, MagicPlan offers a simplified and robust capture procedure making full use of the motion tracking capabilities of Tango. MagicPlan can accurately detect all the walls of a room and display them in 3d in a true Augmented Reality experience.

MagicPlan with Tango is used in day to day operations by one of the leading damage restoration companies in Germany. The company handles about 100.000 insurance claims per year. The current trial sees all project managers being equipped with Tango enabled devices. With MagicPlan the claim adjusters are now able to capture floor plans, document the claim and generate reports in a matter of minutes. This reduces the project management time by almost 80%. Further plans are to roll out to around 1.500 field staff in the course of 2017. See the video on how MagicPlan with Tango helps in day-to-day business: