magicplan is the floor plan tool for everyone.

From homeowner to skilled professional:

magicplan offers indispensable features for your workflow.



magicplan offers you all the features you need for your next renovation project. Simple, intuitive and precise: that’s magicplan.



Plan creation by taking pictures

Floor plans in 3D

General work estimations

Room fine tuning

Over 1000 objects

Room assembling

Plan annotations



magicplan works on your device. Just download the app and always have your floor plan creation tool with you.



 iOS 8.0 and above

 Android available for devices with a gyroscope



magicplan lets you create floor plans and much more all around the world. Therefore, the app is available in 11 languages.



Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish

Laser Support


magicplan gives you a 95% accuracy. If you need the full 100%, connect to a laser and get the fastest and most accurate mobile drawing tool out there.


Leica D510, E7500i, D810, D110, S910

 Bosch GLM 50C, GLM 100C

 Stanley TLM99S, TLM99SI, TML660

 Stabila LD250

Generate work estimates


A floor plan is a good start. Thanks to the plan you are ready for precise estimations of costs, tasks and time for your next renovation project.


– Custom catalogue
– Flexible pricing models
– Roll cut editor
– Estimates per room

Fill room


The fill room feature helps you to do complex shapes in seconds. Capture your “square“ rooms and get your multi legged hallway „filled“ by magicplan.


– Filler room
– Room drawing
– Room duplicating
– Draw over existing plan



Add close to 1,000 objects including furniture, appliances, doors & windows, electrical, plumbing, HVAC and many more – or create your own custom objects.


– Custom object creation
– Close to 1000 objects including Furniture, Appliances, Doors and windows, …

Photo annotation


The value of a floor plan comes with context based information. One of the most liked features is the photo annotation, which allows you to jump back „onsite“.


– Annotate photos
– Add comments
– Surveys

Custom attribute creation


We captured a lot of objects and attributes. But if you don´t find what you are looking for you can create and draw your own objects. Or assign your attributes to existing ones.


– Create own objects
– Assign your attributes

You can export your plans in the most common file formats. If you want to back up your plans, share them with selected users and always have them with you start using the magicplan Cloud!

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iOS 7.0 and above 
Android available for devices with a gyroscope