Customize magicplan for your business.

magicplan fits every business. Customize the app

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Magicplan for Business

• Multisubscription: Manage your subscriptions, expiration dates, devices and invoices


• Custom “Export”: Have your own custom export button in the export section to directly receive the plans on your server


• Multiuser: Invite/remove users


• Custom objects/ surveys: Create and share custom objects and surveys with your users

• Unified layout: Enforce a uniform document layout for all your users


• Reporting: View all plans produced by your users


• XML format: Access MagicPlan data in a XML format to import data in your workflow or generate custom reports


• Web services: Access a set of web services to integrate into your existing workflow

Let us help you customize. Feel free to contact us.

magicplan works – a customer case


Client is doing design and renovation to improve energy efficiency of facilities for its customers.

The company recently won a contract which involved renovating close to 500 locations.

The company would typically deploy 9 surveyors to the 500 sites during 6 months.

Surveyors would take measurements later typed into CAD software (existing blueprints are unreliable).

Often measurements would contain mistakes, requiring follow up visits to the sites.

The magicplan benefits


When using magicplan on this project, accuracy was drastically improved. The 500 sites required zero follow up visits.


Using the same labor force equipped with magicplan, the client was able to cut the surveying time from 182 days to 39 days – a savings of 80% in time and labor cost.

  • days with magicplan

  • days without magicplan

magicplan works with Tango


magicplan is proud to announce that its latest version is fully Tango ready. With Tango enabled devices, magicplan offers a simplified and robust capture procedure making full use of the motion tracking capabilities of Tango. magicplan can accurately detect all the walls of a room and display them in 3d in a true Augmented Reality experience.


magicplan with Tango is used in day to day operations by one of the leading damage restoration companies in Germany. The company handles about 100.000 insurance claims per year. The current trial sees all project managers being equipped with Tango enabled devices. With magicplan the claim adjusters are now able to capture floor plans, document the claim and generate reports in a matter of minutes. This reduces the project management time by almost 80%.

magicplan CSI


The specific version of magicplan for crime sketching

Case Information

Specify a case number, an investigator name, an agency name, a date & custom information.


Get CSI Report

• A PDF document including a title block, images, floor and room plans, evidence list & notes

• A DXF file to modify your sketch with a CAD software or SketchUp


Main benefits of magicplan CSI

Smaller law enforcement agencies can now start drawing floor plans. Get immediate results while walking through the crime scene.



Position items of interest on your sketch. A legend of all items
is added to your report.

Close to 1,000 items available including weapons, drugs, trace evidences and personnel items.

Report distances between objects.