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Create Job Costings with magicplan.

magicplan. The smart plan.
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iOS 9.0 and above, Android available for devices running ARCore or devices with a gyroscope.

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Use magicplan as your job costing tool.

Fast Floor Plan Creation

One device. One application. That is all you need to create your floor plan. The AR-technology of magicplan makes it possible.

Optimized Job Costing Estimations

With magicplan you can estimate the materials, effort and manpower you need. Show these estimations close on site to your customers and integrate them into your workflow.

Increased Conversion

magicplan allows you an optimized work process. That´s your chance to increase your conversion.

How to Use magicplan as a Job Costing Tool.

Create a Floor Plan

Capture the room with your device, assemble your
floor plan and add pictures with drag and drop.

Estimate Tasks, Materials and Costs

Estimate the upcoming tasks, materials and cost via your floor plan.
Use your customized price lists for precise calculations.

Hand over Your Estimate

You can send out a quote directly on site. That increases
your customer’s trust and your conversion.

Aim for 100% Accuracy:


Connect magicplan to a Laser.


magicplan gives you an accuracy of 95%. If you need the full 100%, connect to a laser and get the fastest and most accurate mobile drawing tool for floor plans.

magicplan compatible lasers


Stanley TLM99SI

Stanley GLM 100C
Stanley TML660


Leica D510

Leica D110

Customize, Manage and Integrate magicplan

Create Your Company’s Own magicplan:
Customize magicplan, from objects to surveys and price lists up to exports, manage multi-users, and integrate the floor plan creation tool into your company’s workflow. Just subscribe to magicplan for Business to create your own magicplan.

magicplan has been downloaded more than 13 million times.

magicplan was ranked #1 in Utilities in 114 countries.

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download on the app store
android app on google play

iOS 9.0 and above

Android available for devices running ARCore

or devices with a gyroscope