Sensopia – the company behind magicplan.


It is our goal to make floor plan creation fast and simple so that everyone can quickly create plans and estimate jobs. We partnered with B&O, the leading maintenance and restoration company in Germany.

With their expertise we can revolutionize estimations for home renovation. magicplan is an international team effort. We have developers in Canada, Germany, the USA and France. Our technical team focuses on Reality Capture.



Francis Malka is an entrepreneur and writer. Francis co-founded Sensopia and is in charge of user experience, partner relations, and patents. He makes sure that MagicPlan is easy enough for his grand mother, open enough for large corporations, and stays out of the hands of copycats.


Prior to Sensopia, Francis founded Semantix, a software company that built semantic networks and technology that improved search engine results. He grew Semantix to 50 employees and sold the company.


Francis studied at École Polytechnique de Montréal and at the Montréal Music Conservatory. He published four novels in French, Spanish, simplified and traditional Chinese.



After graduating from the Ecole des Mines de Paris in 1987, Pierre developed his expertise in AI at the CAOR laboratory. He then continued research on AI at Matra Cap System. After an MBA at Insead, he worked four years in management consulting at AT Kearney.


In 2000, he founded Kynogon, a middleware company specialized in Artificial Intelligence.


In 2011, Pierre co-founded Sensopia and serves as Chief Research Officer. His team is using computer vision and artificial intelligence to bring magic plan to the next level.



Gilles co-founded Sensopia and is in charge of development. He and his team make sure that everything runs smoothly and as intended.


Prior to Sensopia, Gilles was in charge of the development at Kynogon. Kynogon was the leading supplier of AI middleware for the video game and military industries.


Gilles has a Master in Artificial Intelligence from Paris 5 university. He started his career in cryptology software development.



Jacques co-founded Sensopia and serves as chief commercial officer.


Prior to Sensopia, Jacques founded Kynogon, the leader in AI middleware solutions. 70% of the top 10 game publishers have been using its product, Kynapse, for the development of AAA titles such as Fable 2, Medal of Honor, The Lord of the Rings online. Kynogon was acquired by Autodesk in 2008.


Prior to Kynogon, Jacques’ professional experience is truly international. He spent several years in South Korea, in the US, in Egypt, etc. mainly for AT Kearney management consulting company.


Jacques graduated from the Ecole des Mines de Paris.



Andreas serves as magicplan CEO. He is in charge of the app´s future direction, making it the leading tool for the home improvement and renovation industry.


Andreas spent his early professional in the automotive sector, exposed to old school economies of scale industry and lean production. He was working as a management consultant specializing in tiered pricing structures for building materials.


Andreas graduated from ESCP Europe.