iOS 9.0 and above, Android available for devices running ARCore or devices with a gyroscope. More than 15 million downloads worldwide.
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The floor plan creation app magicplan is a powerful multi-tool. Create floor plans and use the app's features to save time and money.

Create floor plans

Create quotes & estimate materials

Generate reports


Virtual tours with magicplan

Connect a 360 camera to magicplan and turn it into the most cost-effective tool to offer virtuals. For real estate agents all around the world: magicplan lets you make your listings more attractive with a virtual tour, 3D view and an interactive floorplan.

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Create a floor plan within seconds

Forget measuring and drawing: magicplan lets you create floor plans simply with a smartphone or tablet. Floor plan creation has never been this easy, fast and cost-effective.

Create quotes & estimate materials

Via your dimensioned floor plan magicplan computes complete job costings and calculates all your required construction materials on site. Start estimating the most reliable way.

Generate reports

Generate reports with magicplan and organize your data within minutes. After exporting the plan all data will be structured on the different floor plan levels of your export.

Create questionnaires

Add photos

Add annotations

Export your report

Create 3D models with one click

You don’t need a 3D designer in your team to show floor plans in 3D. It takes you one click and magicplan shows your floor plan in 3D.

Order construction materials with a few clicks

It takes three steps with magicplan and your workers can order all the required materials on site. Ordering materials has never been that easy.

Are you a retailer? Simply list your materials in magicplan and let customers order within the app.

1. Create Floor Plans

Use magicplan to create a dimensioned floor plan within minutes.

2. Estimate materials and costs

Via the plan’s dimension, magicplan estimates costs and required materials.

3. Order materials with one click

It just takes one click to order materials from your preferred suppliers.

Manage your team and backup your plans

In the magicplan Cloud you can access your plans, manage your team and customize magicplan from everywhere. The Cloud can be accessed from any device or computer.

Customize magicplan and integrate the app into your workflow

Make magicplan your own app to make full use of all its features.

Create your own magicplan

Include your price lists, your own objects and questionnaires to make the app your own.

Manage your team

Create and manage teams, coordinate projects and leverage the captured data.

Integrating with API

Integrating with our API is fast and simple. Soon we will provide you with an API documentation.

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magicplan has been downloaded more than 15 million times.
magicplan was ranked #1 in Utilities in 114 countries.
magicplan was included in AppStore Best of 2017.

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download on the app store
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iOS 9.0 and above

Android available for devices running ARCore or devices with a gyroscope